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Wage portage: a good option for the creator of a company

Being able to work independently is a goal for many modern entrepreneurs. However, becoming a freelancer also means not enjoying the benefits of employee status. There are various ways to combine flexible working with the benefits of employee status and…

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Which management solutions to choose for more productivity?

Increasing productivity and profitability is based on the ability to manage certain areas within the company. Indeed, you have to allocate certain tasks to each employee, especially since you have to manage the purchase activity, or more precisely, the investments…

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Top 3 business pieces of software

The choice of an application for project management must be adapted to each operation and to the needs of each team. It is therefore important to choose the right tools for better performance. Here are the top 3 project management…

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What are the features of PIM?

PIM or Product Information Management is a management software that is essential to marketing and sales strategies. It allows the automatic retrieval and import of product catalogues as well as their distribution to different media in real-time. What is Product…

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How to optimize your competitive intelligence work?

When running a business, it is always wise to keep an eye on your competitors. Indeed, when it comes to competitive market research, this strategy has a dual purpose: better protecting yourself from threats and better anticipating your actions on…

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