What are the features of PIM?

PIM or Product Information Management is a management software that is essential to marketing and sales strategies. It allows the automatic retrieval and import of product catalogues as well as their distribution to different media in real-time.

What is Product Information Management?

PIM software is a tool that allows structuring, centralizing and standardizing all the product data in a single space by the various data sources that the company's departments use. Once the product data is collected, it is updated, enriched and sent to the sales channels. In addition to providing the company with reliable distribution and consistency of product data, PIM software offers a reference space for all employees to operate efficiently around product specifications. Therefore, it is considered a vital ally in your marketing and sales strategy. Note that you can find more tips on how to choose the right PIM software for your business here. Ultimately, to get the best possible PIM software, you should investigate and evaluate the products available in the market using the appropriate analysis network.

What are the main features of a PIM tool?

During the collection of information, the role of PIM software is to retrieve and import the formatted data in different ways. For example, some suppliers present their catalogue as an Excel file while others provide it as a flat-file. A PIM piece of software should then have the ability to read and understand the different formats, as well as import the data correctly. Indeed, the layout of this information is not identical for each supplier. Depending on the structure in place, this software must retrieve the data file, although in some cases this is very complicated. In some cases, you may need an adapter to handle the transport via FTP or other means. In short, the various functionalities of a PIM are needed during a collection phase, and the same applies to a distribution phase to manage communication correctly.

What are the benefits of using PIM software?

One of the main advantages of using a PIM tool is its potential to generate more revenue. It offers an increasing number of product information solutions, at the same time as the buyer is looking for specific information on newly released products. It allows you to have multiple customer contacts on your e-commerce site and thus helps you to increase your sales. A PIM tool offers you a systematic way of working within which each department will get all the information and elements related to a product in one place. While guaranteeing better data administration, it will allow you to greatly improve product listing. Thanks to the information automation and other powerful features of PIM software, you will have a secure and reliable immediate availability of all information chains.

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