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Why are CFOs moving towards ERP implementation ?

The implementation of an ERP solution is a decisive step for any financial director. It represents a key phase for the smooth running of his company. By centralising information in a single database, you can manage your flows efficiently. Why…

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How to deal with expenses ?

Make a point in managing your expenses so that you don’t mix up your company’s activities. There are different expenses that you should manage and allocate depending on your production and your turnover. The different types of expense On the…

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How to manage a workflow system ?

Today, the use of digital workflow is increasing in demand. Why is this so ? Because whether it’s for the supplying of the marketing tickets or for smart maintenance, choosing this system is beneficial. There are no limits to the…

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How to use a management software?

Management software is an essential tool for handling a large amount of data in a company. They allow to centralise all the important functionalities that are useful to the evolution of the company. However, it is fundamental to know how…

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