Wage portage: a good option for the creator of a company

Published on : 15 November 20213 min reading time
Being able to work independently is a goal for many modern entrepreneurs. However, becoming a freelancer also means not enjoying the benefits of employee status. There are various ways to combine flexible working with the benefits of employee status and wage portage is one of them, as it allows entrepreneurs to create activities while enjoying social security. It is therefore important to find out what it involves…

What exactly is wage portage?

By definition, wage portage or freelance administration is considered a form of employment that facilitates the activity of entrepreneurs. It allows you to start up as a freelancer while enjoying the various advantages and protections of employee status. Thus, consultants and young people who wish to create their own business can have a security plan and are able to check the feasibility of their projects through freelancing. This is considered to be a tripartite relationship between a self-employed consultant, an intermediary company called a “portage company”, and a client company.

The features of wage portage

Wage portage is an operation that needs the involvement of three components, a person (consultant or creator), a portage company, and a client. The creator will sell a product or a service to an external client, this creator will then ask the portage company to take care of the invoicing and the administrative papers. Once the operation has been successfully completed, the umbrella company will then be able to remit the amount to the creator after having withdrawn its commission and the various social security contributions. The operations will then be carried out thanks to two main contracts; the service one which includes the sales conditions as well as the payment terms, and the work contract which will be agreed upon by the business creator and the umbrella company.

The benefits wage portage can offer

The first advantage of wage portage is protection. Indeed, the providers of social portage can benefit from unemployment insurance, good social protection and executive status. Secondly, this practice also saves time in the sense that invoicing, payments and activities related to customer relations will be handled by the social portage company. This means that the creator can concentrate on other, more productive activities, as he or she will have very little administrative management to do. Finally, it is a good way of getting started while being protected by employee status and good civil liability insurance.

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