Top 3 business pieces of software

The choice of an application for project management must be adapted to each operation and to the needs of each team. It is therefore important to choose the right tools for better performance. Here are the top 3 project management pieces of software.


Trello is a free online tool for managing projects and daily tasks. It can be used for customer relationship management, stock management, ticketing, after-sales follow-up, editorial calendar and HR onboarding. It allows you to better organise and plan your work or to better collaborate with your team on defined projects. It is the digital application of the good old method of post-it notes on boards. It helps organise projects in table form with a direct overview in the form of a map or thumbnail. The list of activities and actions are structured in different columns with their priorities. It shows what the person is working on, who is working on what and where the process currently is. is both a web and mobile application. This software can be used for project management, CRM, sales and marketing relations, as well as production tracking and content, text and video management. Human organization onboarding and offboarding are also some of its features. allows teams to optimise the management of all types of projects. It is a simple but intuitive system for creating transparency and working together. Lists of functions as well as the allocation of teams and employees are spread on tables and columns that can be easily edited. In a nutshell, the greatest asset of this application is its task automation system.


As the name may suggest, this is a list and to-do list management software. It is therefore an application that allows you to organise everything both on a personal and professional level. It allows you to prioritise different actions, delegate tasks to team members and monitor productivity. Some of Todoist's features are project management as well as the ability to add documents, set priorities, and calendars that will be useful for the team. Another asset of this tool is that it can be used in different places on a mobile device or a computer. It can be fully synchronised and allows several people to be on the same schedule from the same list.

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