Why you should register your company

For administrative reasons, a company is compelled to declare its legal address the moment it is launched. In other words, entrepreneurs should choose a professional residence for their companies. In most cases, he/she goes for the address of the company's commercial premises (rented or purchased), otherwise, he/she will choose the address of his/her personal home.

Domiciliation or legal address

To set up a business, you must follow very specific procedures. Among these is the registration of the company, i.e. the setting up of activities at the administrative address which by the way can be different from the actual business address. It is, therefore, possible to register at the personal residence of the entrepreneur, legal representative, or legal person in the business premises of the company or even at the residence of the company or business. Therefore, the legal address must be justified in the registration documents of the company being set up, for example by means of a lease agreement with a company specializing in such services. Without this evidence, a company cannot be established.

Why register your company?

Registering or domiciliation of companies is a legislative obligation. Not only that, but it is also a very effective way of building customer loyalty and ensuring the credibility of your business in the eyes of creditors, suppliers or potential partners. In addition to being compulsory, a business address brings you several advantages; it is a practical way for you to operate without breaking the bank. Having a head office will allow you to benefit from a perpetual domiciliation address which aims to develop the company's image and consolidate the reliability of your company, particularly at the beginning of an event. It also offers the potential to find addresses in popular areas. This is done to increase the company's reputation. Together with the switchboard, and through company registration, business owners can benefit from good mail management. These services have the potential to save you time, and most importantly, they can boost your professional image.

How to choose your business address?

The location of a business is of strategic importance, as it is the reference address for all your contacts and customers, and will thus affect your reputation and image. Please note that there are geographical aids from state and local governments that help the distribution of businesses throughout the country. However, this financial support alone cannot guarantee the growth of your company. The best choice is the one that really meets your needs. For example, if you have a small family business that is just starting up, taking up residence in the middle of a big city is not necessary, whereas if you have a larger structure whose aim is to be as prestigious as possible, this choice almost becomes inevitable.

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