Why are CFOs moving towards ERP implementation ?

The implementation of an ERP solution is a decisive step for any financial director. It represents a key phase for the smooth running of his company. By centralising information in a single database, you can manage your flows efficiently.

Why implement an ERP software ?

For financial directors, the benefits of using ERP software are numerous. For each department, several specific information systems are most often replaced by this solution. Before implementing it, the various departments will agree on a precise definition of all types of data. All employees can update the data simultaneously. Duplication will also be limited by centralising the data. Keeping the history of updates allows clear traceability of actions. Time-consuming and redundant tasks will be automated, particularly in the accounting departments. Employees can then devote themselves to other activities. Since the manager has an up-to-date and global view of his commercial and financial situation, management is facilitated and the quality of information in the company is assured. By consulting this site, you can obtain more information on the rental management solution.

What is the use of ERP software ?

An ERP system contains a database in one single solution. Thus, it can centralise the essential functionalities for the management of the various activities of a company : the production of estimates, stock management as well as accounting and commercial management. Indeed, it is a key tool. One of its main objectives is to assemble your company's information system. Instead of multiplying different programs to carry out key functions, you only have to mutualise the missions in a single solution. This software is scalable according to the needs of the financial manager. Each management area is represented by a specific module. This means that the modules are interconnected and complementary. The aim is to make communication more fluid. In order for ERP to be beneficial and useful for the employees of a company, each user involved must have access to the same level of information.

How to choose the right ERP software ?

With the many ERP solutions on the market, it is difficult to choose one. Therefore, before making your software selection, you are strongly advised to take certain elements into account. Consider the size of your company and the budget allocated to your solution. It is also important to know the specifics of your industry and the level of automation you want. In addition, consider the number of users of the software and the functionality you will need. Once your needs have been identified, it is essential to differentiate between all the necessary elements and the optional elements, before choosing the most suitable ERP software.

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