Top 5 collaborative tools for remote working

Having a job is essential to start your adult life. Thanks to the development of technology, working conditions have greatly improved. A company can now have employees all over the world. Also called "freelance", this type of cooperation has become very popular especially in the last 5 years. For it to be successful, the use of a particular set of tools is essential. However, choosing which ones to use can be quite difficult. Finding out about software solutions for working remotely is in any case essential...

Tools for online storage

Working remotely requires the use of several tools. For instance, to exchange files, using an online storage solution is important. Dropbox is one of the most widely used at the moment and is currently adopted by more than 500,000,000 users worldwide. Along the same lines, you can also use Google Drive's online storage. Anyone with a Google account can use this service. To increase the storage capacity of your account, however, you will need to take out a subscription.

Tools for good communication

Good communication is essential for everyone in a company. Slack is currently among the most widely used tools. Designed in 2013, it is both a project management and collaborative communication piece of software. Employees can use both direct chat and private discussions if necessary. Slack also has a meeting room where calls can be made between employees. You can also use Microsoft Teams from Microsoft 360. This tool allows you to schedule your meetings more efficiently.

Screenshot Monitor

Having employees who are committed to their work is essential for your company to grow. You can use Screenshot Monitor for this purpose. When launched at the beginning of the day, this tool will make several screenshots for each of your employees. The administrator will then be able to see the activity rate of each employee and what he/she does during the day. You can also use the Time Doctor software that offers both keylogging and internet usage tracking features.

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