How can a loan on trust be granted to entrepreneurs?

The loan on trust is an interest-free loan mainly for job creation or business start-ups usually dedicated to specific projects. Thus, loans range from €1,800 to €900,000 depending on the institution, the lender and the project. Against all this, the loan on trust is executed through unsecured financial documents. However, for all those who have benefited from the investment, you will have to pay it back even if your project is completed.

The benefits of collaboration

Generally speaking, entrepreneurs starting a project should expect valuable help from loans. In principle, this is a good time for entrepreneurs, as they are free to present their business plan to at least one professional for constructive criticism. Their goal is to take advantage of the network as well as the meetings to offer valuable professional business advice. In all cases, the debt mentioned in the start-up company funding is granted directly to the entrepreneur and not to the business.

The benefits of loan planning

Most entrepreneurs use loans to create jobs or adjust their finances. All of them are convinced of the benefits of these loans. These include zero interest rates and no capital or collateral, and the value of the loan obtained through financial contributions. All this is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs take out a bank loan. Faced with this, the entrepreneur is fully responsible for the debts he or she has taken on and is therefore prepared to guarantee future repayments of the project. In addition, lenders offer secured loans to all sectors, organisations, partners such as agriculture and technology, and local integration, and ecology, etc.

The steps to follow for a loan

The applicant accepting the grant and being willing to repay the loan are two pieces of information that must be explicitly written in the loan agreement letter. In addition, a specific follow-up through a quarterly meeting with the helper must be agreed upon. In this respect, interest-free loans fully support the professionals in their activities. On the other hand, business creators can benefit from the support of other entrepreneurs or experts. However, the account on the loan debt is assigned to the capital or the account of the current creditor. It is worth noting that the duration of the investigation of the file is usually not long and is about three to six months. Finally, perseverance is the key to obtaining a loan.

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