The keys to success

To start a business, you need to follow entrepreneurial trends and learn about the different business concepts.

The assets of successful entrepreneurship

Before starting a business, you need to carry out a thorough market study. The choice of company status can vary according to the objectives set. If you want to create a start-up company, you need to draw up a business plan to reach your target market. Leaseinsight may help guide you.

Grow in humility

Be passionate about business

Draw inspiration from success stories

Never give up

Starting your business: the key steps

To ensure good business development, some key steps need to be emphasised upon on

Marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy should be the subject of a business model and an action plan.

Business plan

This document must be well-drafted so it can attract investors to your project.

Company status

An entrepreneur can choose between several types of business status: limited company, simplified joint-stock company, etc.

Market research

Market research is based on qualitative and quantitative research.

Financing solutions

You can qualify for innovation funding within the framework of an innovative project.

Why choose an
umbrella company?

Wage portage can be applied in the context of innovative companies. It is an opportunity to work independently while valuing security. As a self-employed person, you now have the status of an employee with wage portage, you can thus save time on management costs. It is also a way to develop your network as you will have the opportunity to test your new professional activity, more on

The best management solutions

It is essential to choose efficient and modern management solutions to guarantee the good development of your business. Before you rush to the alternatives offered online, it is that you define your overall needs to ensure the effective operation of the business.

Business obligations

A company must pay taxes to claim the right to carry on a business.

Corporate taxation

Taxes must be included in the charges and expenses to be planned.

Business address

Your company’s legal address must be located in the country it will operate in.

Business coaching:
targeted profiles

Business coaching is an alternative approach to improving the management of the company. Business leaders can follow coaching sessions for better results within the company. The duration of the coach’s intervention can vary according to your objectives.

Executives and senior

Executive coaching provides tailored support aimed at facilitating the achievement of objectives.

All other

Other employees can also participate in coaching sessions which contribute to the development of each individual’s potential.

Tools for experienced entrepreneurs

Using effective and safe tools is key to the success of your start-up company and thus to minimising the risk of mistakes.

Project management

For project management, you can use quality software that is suitable for your business activity.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

To improve your customer relations and guarantee smooth communication, it is advisable to use a CRM solution.

Time management

To save time, it is essential to use several tools and pieces of software to automate certain tasks.

Tips to set up an
online business

Starting with market research should be the priority as it is crucial to analyse the market to understand the competition. You should consider the market issues before starting a particular business. Eventually, to avoid inconveniences, you should consider getting help.

E-commerce: dealing
with the competition

Online sales are extremely coveted these days. To stay ahead of the competition and establish your online presence, you need to implement certain common strategies. Ultimately, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should think in the long term!

E-commerce site

You can boost the reputation of your innovative business with a customised e-commerce site.

Audience & advertising

You need to define your target audience (profile, situation, etc.) to ensure good advertising returns.

Community management

For the management of your social networks, you should call on a community manager.